A Trust named POWER (Pioneer of Women Entrepreneur Resource)” was formed with Premoda Hazarika D/O of Late Uparam Borah, resident of Bhatiapar, District Sivasagar, seeks to uplift the impoverished by establishing a Skill Development Center for income generation.

The organization aims to organize Natural Fibre Industries and Artisans into “Jerenga Meteka Craft clusters,” fostering competitiveness and offering long-term sustainability support. The scheme designates specific agencies as Nodal Agencies, playing pivotal roles in its implementation.



UJJAL ABAHAAN HANDLOOM CLUSTER, ONGC Foundation, New Delhi undertakes the project in association with North East Development Forum, an esteemed NGO of Assam with 15 years of rich experience of work with these artisans in and Handicraft Sector providing skill and design development training and market linkage with high-end domestic and foreign market.
NIRMANAM PCL is an integrated project for technical skill and design development of Handloom weavers and Handicraft Artisans for Rudrasagar Oil Field Areas Villages.
The project is a part of Celebration of 75th year of Indian Independence and glorification of Art and craft of India and its rich market potential.


Nature Trade

Nature Trade is a MSME registered in 2007, located in ZOON nagar, Aila Habi Village, district of Sivasagar Assam. It is a proprietorship unit dedicated to the upliftment and betterment of women and children education and health.
The main objective of the organization “North East Development Forum “NGO is to bring women empowerment sector and design expertise into a common platform and to provide expert advice and solutions on real time design problems, resulting in continuous improvement and value addition for existing products.
NED NGO assist clusters to open a channel for design information inflow for creative, innovative and futuristic approach towards the product, process, operations, manufacturing and business design.

Nature Trade -Udyam Registration Certificate

Certificate-Nature Trade


The producer company attempts to reflect the many possibilities in new design and developments of a whole range of products that can address the local needs of our rural community. It is self-sustainable as it utilizes locally available raw material which is extensively available.

It encourages local entrepreneurship and self-employment opportunities. It directs the potentials of locally available skills for meeting basic community needs.

In this project, the Participants had one to one meeting with the Designers, Consultant and Merchandisers and was further trained in the following areas:-

• New Design Development
• Design Innovation and Product Diversification
• Design Trend
• Fashion/Color Forecast in Product Development.
• Visual Merchandising